Supercharge your SaaS growth through feedback

For starters, collecting feedback from customers enables SaaS companies to know who their customer is. Additionally, customer feedback helps in identifying which customer problems to prioritize.

You may find that SaaS product and growth teams spend most of their time in finding out what’s the best thing for customers. However, with customer feedback at your side, you’re able to leverage feature requests to become feedback-driven, and build exactly what they’re looking for. To get more info on how to leverage product feedback for new features, we got you covered as well.
In essence, customer feedback can help a SaaS company discover the more pressing issues and solve them faster. This gives any SaaS a better chance to keep customers happy, and deliver consistent value to them.

The Experience Management Institute found that companies that earned $1 billion could expect to earn as much as $700 million extra within 3 years from collecting customer feedback and responding to it. As for the Saas companies that have a customer experience strategy in place, they can expect up to $1 billion more in revenu

How customer feedback impacts your revenue


Here’s the hypothesis: if your product and service create more customer value, then your customers will buy more often and pay more because your solution provides a superior customer experience. Gathering feedback from customers gives your business a chance to grow in a sustainable manner.


And here’s the proof: 80% of companies that reported positive YoY growth in 2018/19 and expect positive growth in 2020 collect customer feedback and CX data. (Source: Gartner)


“Customer value creation will drive long-term business success,”
said Jessica Ekholm, research vice president at Gartner