Nsightio 1.0

See your feedback inbox in Jira

View all submitted feedback in your Feedback inbox accessed through the Jira main menu.

Submit feedback using Nsightio

Share your unique feedback email with anyone to enable them to submit feedback simply by sending an email. You can find it under Help in the “…” menu available on your feedback inbox page.

Linking feedback to new and existing tickets in your backlog

Select relevant text sections in your FB-tickets to be able to link them to other Jira tickets.

Rating feedback importance with an impact score

Rate feedback selections’ importance to the company or person who submitted to generate an impact score. This score aggregates when multiple feedback selections are linked to the same Jira ticket and can then be used to prioritize building what is important to your users.

See all feedback related to a specific ticket in the ticket details

Revisit linked feedback directly in your Jira tickets.

Use the impact score to decide what to build next using custom fields

Add Feedback Impact as a custom field to your Backlog and Kanban boards using the guide below:

  1. Click the Jira icon > Projects > then select the relevant project.
  2. Go to your Backlog or Kanban board.
  3. Go to ••• > Board settings and click Card layout.
  4. Add the “Feedback Impact” field to the boards you would like, we recommend Backlog and Kanban.

You can now see aggregated Feedback Impact scores on your boards and use it to prioritize Jira tickets that matters the most to your users.