Feedback inside Jira, Made right.

With Nsightio you can collect, sort & act on all product feedback without using any extra tool. Gain insight right inside of your Jira workspace. 

In Jira™ Marketplace

Understand your customers and enrich your products

Easily capture every product idea, request, and piece of feedback from colleagues and customers right inside of Jira.

Collect all your feedback in one place - without one more tool

With the Nsigtio Jira plugin you can easily collect all feedback in one place right inside Jira.

Feedback can be sent in via email with Slack & Teams support coming soon.

Sort and turn feedback into insights

Once a new insight lands you can quickly link them to existing or new cards, highlighted information will follow allong.

For each insight, you can tag its importance and see in real-time how to best prioritize it in your current or next sprint.

Act & discover new potential in your product.

You can analyze feedback with granular & high-level views to guide product decisions. This is where the real magic is for your product's success.

Get help with what matters the most to customers and get inspiration around what to build next.

Get started

Everything you need to get started can be found right inside Jira Marketplace. Free for up 10 users.

Categorising your feedback – 3-step quick guide

Categorising your feedback – 3-step quick guide

After the feedback starts coming in you’ll want to bucket that into different subcategories. Here are a few of the most common ones: Major product bugs. These are extremely urgent issues that prevent users from getting the core value out of your product. For example,...

Supercharge your SaaS growth through feedback

Supercharge your SaaS growth through feedback

For starters, collecting feedback from customers enables SaaS companies to know who their customer is. Additionally, customer feedback helps in identifying which customer problems to prioritize. You may find that SaaS product and growth teams spend most of their time...

In Jira™ Marketplace